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Window Seat: a view into the Father's heart

This last weekend, I was asking the Lord and believing Him to speak to me in a particular setting. As I sat there on a plane to Brussels (onto England), tucked into a window seat, and ready to keep myself occupied, I heard a child's cough. It was a deeper one, tail-ended with a bark.  
Being a mom, there's no way around hearing that, and wondering. Hungarians are pretty conservative with swaddling their children in scarves and hats, not wanting them to be outside, actually signing them off for 5 days from school the moment it occurs! But this particular day, it was a man with his daughter. Just a little curiosity, instigated the questions of, "Where was this man going? Towards mom or away?" It just didn't seem usual for a 4 year old to be separate from mom. But no big.
As these thoughts swirled in my mind, I saw the Father rise and reach up into the overhead compartment and bring down the children's Nurofen, complete with a spoon, the equivalent of Children'…

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